We were too tired last night to post this - it's 9 a.m. Here in Hong Kong and we are ready to enjoy this day! We have no set agenda which is nice - there are a few places we are definitely going though! Talked to the boys - they are doing great!


Hello all!

We made it to Hong Kong!!! What a LONG flight...but we were super impressed with Cathay Pacific Airline. Not only did they have the best airline food we have ever had (and 3 great choices per meal) but they had amazing in flight entertainment. We each had our on tv with well over 200 selections. Very nice and helped the 15 hours to pass. All of the flight attendants were incredibly kind and attentive. 

In Chicago, we met another couple on their way to Ch*na for a son about Emmi's age. We have an awesome fb support network and she spotted us because we had the same ribbon on our bags (exclusive to our Spring/Summer group). 

All in all, a good and uneventful day of travel. The actual number of travel hours to get here was less than Kaz - about 21 hours since we arrived at the airport in Indy.

Tomorrow (it's time for bed here), we will enjoy seeing a bit of Hong Kong. We can't wait! We didn't sleep much on the plane (maybe 3 hours), so we are ready to sleep and feeling optimistic about dealing with jet lag. Naive? Perhaps...:)

We are overwhelmed with the kind messages and notes and texts as we headed out today thank you!!!

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