What a whirlwind! We woke up to confirmation of our first choice Consulate Appointments which meant that we could make all of our travel arrangements! HOORAY!

We are officially ticketed to leave on Wednesday and arrive back on the 30th. We debated different options and decided to fly through Hong Kong - we will spend 36 hours or so there before we head to her province. We are very much looking forward to seeing a little of Hong Kong. We were given a Christmas gift specifically for a mini trip - we are so thankful! We celebrated 10 years last March with no fanfare, barely dinner, and have been going non-stop and working towards our adoption, so this will be a welcome time despite jet lag! :)

It's hard to believe that in just a little over a week, the pictures we have lovingly gazed at and the little girl who stole our hearts will be a reality! We recognize that she probably has no idea what is coming and that this may be a very difficult transition for all but we are excited and know that she is meant to be ours.

I will post in the coming days about some of the things that will be important for when we return. There is such an adjustment and learning to trust period.

Personally, I am in disbelief that we are welcoming a girl into the family! I'm trying to keep the packing to the minimum and keep having to remind myself that she will be here permanently and will have plenty of time to wear all of her cute clothes.

We are praying for health and safety for us, Emmarie, and for our sweet sons who are staying here to hold down the fort. We are also praying that we will not have weather delays with traveling in January and that we will have uneventful flights (we might also be praying for an upgrade from economy :)...not likely to happen but we are praying nonetheless). My very tall husband is kind of dreading the 15+ hour flight (yes, that's one leg, one plane) - a record for both of us! Anyway....

WE ARE GOING TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Margaret said...

God has answered so many prayers. I'm ecstatic for you! I can't wait to meet Emmi! Much love to you both as I probably won't see you before you travel. :(

Lana Joy said...

I don't know if you want suggestions for Hong Kong, but one of my good friends just spent 3 weeks in December in HK. I could totally ask her for great ideas of where to go/what to see. Her husband is Chinese, and lots of his family lives there, so they might know of some great, non-touristy places. :o)
So excited for you all and praising God for his faithfulness!

Jen said...

SO Excited!!! Will pray for an upgrade or at least some empty seats so you all can stretch out. :) So glad you will get to Hong Kong!!

liz nelson said...

So excited and so happy for you guys! And happy for Emmarie too!:) God has blessed this whole journey in ways I don't think any of us could have guessed and it has been an incredible experience to be part of and to witness. Can't wait to meet Emmi!

JennaN said...

Hooray! Oh Alaina I am so excited for all of you! Please keep us posted... looks like we'll be having "babies" at about the same time :)