An Orphan No More

Today, she became officially and forever ours. We signed and sealed with our red thumb print. She put her thumb print on a document as well. We are overjoyed - she is no longer an orphan, she belongs to us. We can't change the world by adopting a child but for her and for us, our world has changed. We rejoice that there is one less orphan.

This afternoon, we will visit her orphanage and finding place. A big day for all of us. She was clearly uncomfortable being back at the CA office today (and was a little sick and then fell asleep as you can see in the picture) and wanted nothing to do with the deputy director of her orphanage. She noticeably relaxed back in our room and has warmed up to Andrew a lot. We gave her noodles and some kind of applesauce for lunch - don't tell, the applesauce is supposed to only be for a snack. :) she is napping now before we leave at 2. We will see how this afternoon goes - we will meet her nanny who loved her very much and cried (we were told) when she left. 

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Heather L. said...

YAY!!!!! Thanks for posting more pictures!!!!