Last Full Day in Nanjing

Hard to believe our time here in Nanjing is coming to a close. I had every intention of blogging about our day but I'm tired and we need to pack! We visited a gorgeous garden/estate from the Ming Dynasty and Confucious Temple today. The history is so interesting and it's amazing to see these places that have been around for hundreds of years. Emmarie did not enjoy the sightseeing very much but was mostly content if she has a snack in her hand... Today we started to really see her personality! She is a handful! :) she will definitely hold her own with her brothers. :) Here are some pictures from the day (sightseeing and playing in the room). (Finally able to update with pictures!)

Well...I've been trying for the past couple of hours to get photos to upload and they won't sync. :(


chris said...

Emmi is sweetly kissing a babydoll, putting on lipstick and wearing beads! WOW! Some SERIOUS "girl power"! So girlie and sweet!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I am cracking up at the lipstick! LOVE IT!

Kendra Luppino said...

I am so grateful to be able to see so many blessings unfolding in your lives! Have a safe trip home with your beautiful daughter.