A Few Pictures!

Eating Candy Apple wrapped in rice paper! Our guide told us this is a traditional treat and that we should only buy it from that vendor (other vendors were not clean). :) it was DELICIOUS!

This right by our hotel in the old part of Nanjing. The building with the dragons on it in the back of the picture is Confucious Temple. 

We had delicious dumplings - pork w/celery & chicken w/mushroom. Our guide ordered them for us at a local restaurant. Not sure we would be successful ordering them on our own... So good!

On part of the Nanjing City wall. Nanjing has a rich history and we are really enjoying hearing some of it! 

Looking down from the top of the wall - down the stairs. It's not very clear today (it actually has rained some and is supposed to continue raining tomorrow). We have many more pictures of the beautiful wall!

We have had a great day and enjoyed meeting and hanging out with another family from our agency! Tomorrow morning we meet Emmarie - I am a bundle of nerves (i think we both are!) but so excited to see her! They will meet their son in the morning as well! Big day. Hoping to sleep well tonight!


Tracy Sanford said...

Oh, my. I don't know if its the dumplings or the nerves but my tummy hurts. :).
I can't believe it is finally time! Hopefully our babies will rest well tonight on their last night as orphans.

Kimberly said...

So happy to see your smiling face!! You both look wonderful and so joyful!

Ann said...

I love the pictures, so amazing to see the history of her city. The food looks tasty too! Praying for you, Andrew & Emmarie as Family day approaches. Lots of love!

Ron & Maria said...

Praying for a peaceful transition and that God has prepared your little one, and your friends little one's hearts for this big change in their lives.... PEACE, Joy and LOVE to you!
Thanks for sharing your journey!