Leaving on a Jet Plane...Soon- UPDATE

What to say?! We have been waiting on our Travel Approval and it was issued and is en route to our agency. We are praying it arrives tomorrow but it may be Friday. Once it arrives there, we will be able to get our consulate appointment and book our flights and travel specifics! SO exciting! We may still be leaving next week - there are a lot of pros. If we don't leave next week, we will be leaving the 23/24th. Either way, it's SOON!!!!!

We are excited, overwhelmed, and in disbelief. When we began this journey in April 2012, we had NO IDEA we would know who our daughter was much less travel so quickly! We are amazed!

Anyway, we appreciate the prayers as we make final preparations, pay the final amounts, and get ready to leave our sweet sons for a couple of weeks! We are thankful for family and friends who are working to keep the boys schedule relatively normal and give them the familiarity of home. We have one kiddo who is especially struggling with us leaving and that makes it hard - he reeeaaalllyyy wants to go which just isn't an option.

We have been fighting some sickness at our house for the last couple of weeks and would definitely appreciate prayers for health for all - here and as we travel.

We are coming precious girl!

Against all odds, it arrived TODAY!!! We are shocked and thrilled and so thankful to God! We are waiting for our consulate appointment and may hear about that in the next several hours and then we can book flights. Unbelievable! We very well could be meeting our daughter a week from Monday!

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