Hello all! We made it to Nanjing City late last night - it was a two hour flight from HK. We definitely stood out on the plane - 95% off the passengers were Ch*nese nationals returning home. We had no problem with immigration and were met by our guide, Jin. She is very nice. She went over our schedule with us for the week, told us about some of the history of Nanjing, told us another family had been quite interested in our daughter, made a few changes, checked us into our hotel, and wished us good night.

We unpacked as best we could. The room is not huge but does have a small sitting area by the window and a king size bed. It will certainly suffice, though I'm sure it will feel smaller with a toddler. The walls seem very thin and we can hear lots of noise from other rooms - above and beside. The lobby is gorgeous. Our breakfast is included - looking forward to enjoying that  after a hot shower. :) another family with our agency is also staying here and we will hopefully meet them this morning!

We are staying in the older part of the city - inside the 600 year old city wall. Nanjing was a large city and a big academic hub. Even now, I think she said there are over 30 universities in this city of 8 million. We are anxious to check out our surroundings today. We are staying very near Confucius Temple - this will be very interesting to our boys as they have studied Confucius this year. 

I woke again between 5 & 6 but have managed not to nap at all since we arrive on Thursday. I can handle the early rising. It gets dark early and stays dark until late in the morning, it seems. We are 13 hours ahead of home.  Andrew is still sleeping - the melatonin seems to be working a bit better for him... :) I think I may try some Tylenol pm tonight.

Today we will have a 2-3 hour city tour. We are very excited about that and looking forward to walking around. It was quite busy when we arrived - evidently the end of the year brings many visitors. The hotel was completely full last night. The lights of the city are quite beautiful. 

We will work on posting pics today! I think I have figured out a way - hopefully! We must figure it out before tomorrow! :) we meet Emmarie at 9:30 tomorrow morning (8:30 Sunday night at home). 

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