After a rough first part of the week and some really frustrating and discouraging things (not adoption related), I was settled in to have a great big pity party. Oh wait, the electric blanket and comfy spot on the couch as well as candy wrappers next to me are evidence enough that I had already started. :) I was enjoying the boys - Titus is sick with a fresh cold and we were all cuddling and watching a documentary - but I was feeling a little blue.

I checked my e-mail right around 6 and gasped. The letters we have been waiting for L-O-A were in the subject line of an e-mail from our adoption coordinator. HOORAY! We received our LOA - the document that officially approves us to adopt Emmarie! This is also the document that was taking an average of 90 some odd days for people on our timeline (with Pre-Approval AFTER Log-in).

Day 73 - our agency received it! This means (hopefully) 8-10 weeks until travel! We have several steps (and some more funding) before we get there but this was a big one and we are incredibly thankful! We appreciate continued prayers that the remaining paperwork will go smoothly and efficiently. We are rejoicing tonight! Shrieks and tears - from me, not Andrew - pretty sure he would want me to clarify that. :)


Margaret said...

Hooooooray! So happy and excited.

Erin Martin said...

Congratulations!! You are on about the same timeline we were last year :) we got our LOA for Eliana on Oct. 31 last year.