Funding Update

We wanted to give a thanksgiving update! We have been SO blessed through our garage sales, Pampered Chef, gifts from people, coffee sales, bracelets, and Purdue Concessions and are so thankful to have been able pay cash for all of our expenses to date - over $11,000! We also already have about $6,000 towards the remaining adoption fees and flights! WOW! So thankful! So that leaves about $8,000-10,000 to go! It's looking like travel will be in January sometime!

If you are interested in helping us, there are a few ways:

1) Village to Village - http://www.villagetovillageintl.com/the-falk-family-family-42.php - a tax deductible way to contribute.

2) Pampered Chef - http://pamperedchef.biz/alaina - I'm having a party through the rest of this month (closing November 30) if you need any Christmas gifts - just enter my name as host or click on this link http://pamperedchef.biz/alaina?page=host-search-results&showId=3914611! Things can be shipped to you or to me (if you live local)! I'm also happy to do catalog and cooking shows! My mom is also having a show on December 4 if any of you are local and would like to attend a show!

3) Thirty-One Gifts - November 27-December 8, we have a friend who is graciously doing a fundraiser for us! (Please wait until the 27th to put your order in but you can shop now!) All orders will arrive before Christmas - and again you can ship to me if you live local or ship to your address is you don't! https://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E2476830&from=DIRECTLINK

We are so grateful. We knew what God was calling us to but really, really did not know how the financial end would work. We are so thankful for the extra income God has provided and for the love and support of family and friends through gifts, prayers, babysitting, working concessions and so much more. We are blown away! THANK YOU!

Seriously can't wait to get this sweet girl home! Love her so much already and look at this picture ALL the time! :)

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