Wow. That pretty much sums up how we are feeling right now. I was working on Thanksgiving baking this afternoon and paused to check my e-mail to find an e-mail from a grant organization. The subject line read, "Congratulations to the F Family from JSC Foundation." I opened the e-mail and was immediately overwhelmed. You see, they graciously awarded our family a very generous  grant for Emmarie's adoption! It was more than we had even dared to hope for and we certainly did not know if we would be selected for a grant at all!

We are just rejoicing! Grant applications are hard and intense and time consuming - filled with financial information, essays, personal questions, and in this case, an interview with our pastor, too (thank you, Michael!). Sometimes you wonder if it's worth it - especially when you know there have to be so many people applying! Well, we can definitely testify that it was worth it. We are so thankful to the JSC Foundation for their generosity and for their allowing us to share our heart and family with them. The organization was beyond kind in all of our communication with them.

Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness. We feel so blessed and so humbled! We simply cannot believe that we are down to about $3,000 to have her adoption fully funded. AMAZING.


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Heather L. said...

So happy for you guys!!!! That is wonderful! A nice Thanksgiving present!!!!