Getting Ready

Yesterday, I spent some time working on Emmarie's room. I sorted through the baby toys we have and kept only the ones that I thought she might still enjoy - shape sorter, blocks, musical instruments etc., - the rest I passed on to my sister. We hung her light fixture and put down the rug. I sorted through her adorable clothes and made her bed. I still need to paint and move some furniture and get rid of some furniture but I made some progress!

It's so hard to imagine that we will have another little face around our table and in our lives. I'm so anxious to meet her - I've dreamed twice about the moment we meet and they were beautiful dreams. I know the reality is that it could be really hard as she meets strangers for the first time. While we don't know what exactly her needs will be, we are ready - we love her and we know she is ours! God made that crystal clear to us!

In these final weeks as a family of five, I treasure the moments while anticipating the future. I have a feeling that bringing Emmarie home might mellow some eager brothers - is that wishful thinking? Perhaps. :)

Some Prayer Requests for Us:
1) We have so much to do before the trip - especially around the house and prepping freezer meals. Pray for the time and energy!

2) We are still working towards having the full amount for the adoption. Pray that God will continue to provide. We have been SO BLESSED!

3) Leaving the boys for 2 weeks is going to be HARD. As we anticipate that, please pray that we will have peace. We are working towards giving the boys as much stability as possible during those two weeks. 

4) Pray for Emmarie - for health and safety and that God would be preparing all of us for each other. Meeting us and becoming a part of our family will change everything she knows. Pray for a smooth transition.

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Karen, Glenn, Allie, Max, and Sam said...

YES on all prayer requests. Constantly thinking of you all!!