I feel like I should update but there really isn't anything to say. We are still waiting. Another week is almost over and we don't know anything new. I'm actually feeling pretty peaceful about it this week and I'm thankful for that - sometimes the peace and patience are hard to come by in this process. :)

We are planning to send Emmarie another care package in November and perhaps that will come with some more pictures and an update. In the mean time, we pray for her all the time, pray for the process, and keep working towards the financial end of things. We have a great support network of waiting parents on facebook and that is a blessing. Maybe next week will be the week for our LOA! After that, it will still be 8-12 weeks before we travel.

The boys are excited to have her home and so are we - it feels very disjointed to have a member of our family so very far away! We love her and that love just keeps growing through this process. 

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Rebekah said...

Praying for you. May God bless you, little Emmarie and the whole family as you faithfullly walk this hard road.