Tomorrow (October 4) marks SIX years since we first officially grew our family - we stood before a judge in Kazakhstan and testified that we wanted Calvin and Patrick to be our sons. And thus our forever family began. In November 2008, we again stood before a judge and testified that we wanted to Titus to be our son. In January (hopefully!), it will be a different procedure but we will, Lord willing, be adding Emmarie to our forever family.

How thankful I am that God chose me to be their mama. No, not their first mama - she gave them life - but the mama who gets to see them grow and change and learn to live life. I am blessed - blessed beyond measure. I think about Emmarie every day and I love hearing the boys pray for her and talk about her. This journey is SO worth it. I love adoption.

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Margaret said...

I'm a very blessed aunty! I can't imagine life without them.