The Trust Thing

Today, I feel the weight of this journey. We are at the beginning and we have many months to go. Today, I am worried. Worried about affording this, worried about whether I can handle the medical condition, just worried and stressed about pretty much all of it. It's not healthy, right, or good and so I'm working on that trust thing. I desperately want to see the whole plan and be on the other side of this journey and yet the journey is part of the story. And it's definitely faith building.

We have been incredibly blessed to receive a few gifts towards our adoption and we are truly thankful. While we are working very hard, we know that we will not be able to make all the money just through work so we are so grateful for God's blessing through others. It's a beautiful part of the journey. So, thank you to those of who have blessed us that way!

Other than that, I don't have much to report. We postponed our final home study until next week due to a very challenging beginning of this week. Pampered Chef is going pretty well and we are thankful for the little bit extra that will generate for the adoption fund. We are starting to prepare for our big sale! I think the kids will sell cookies and Popsicles and water. They will think it's fun!

I'm perhaps most excited about the names we have discussed but those will remain secret for now. :)

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Monica said...

Alaina, I'll be praying for you and the peace you need to look ahead, not at the great need, but forward to a great provision. This is God's plan and He has everything in place to make it happen.