Homestudy - Check!

Today we finished our portion of the home study. Now we just wait for it to be written and approved and then we file our I-800A form to be fingerprinted (yes, again!) and approved for international adoption by the government. I'm feeling a huge sense of relief to have this portion of paperwork (which is more than our Dossier) completed as well as our 9 courses (12 credits) of Hague education done. The final step was the home visit today which went great. We love our home study agency (we used them as our only agency for all of the boys) - they make an intrusive and sometimes overwhelming process as nice and friendly and un-intrusive as possible.  I'm now thoroughly enjoying the very clean house and giving myself a little bit of a break this afternoon. :)

We've started on our Dossier and I hope to have that wrapped up fairly quickly. My goal is to have our Dossier to China by the end of July and then we wait to be matched if we have not already found #4 on a waiting child list. Exciting!

Yes, relieved today. So, so glad to be moving forward!

We have our coffee shop up and running - $5 from every bag goes towards our adoption! Pampered Chef is available and most all of my income from that is going towards our adoption (you can place an order and have it shipped directly to you - no host/hostess name needed!). We are also still collecting items for our giant garage sale that will be held at the end of this month - we are happy to come pick things up!

Am I really going to be a mama to FOUR kids?! Hard to believe.


Kim said...

Yippee! Let's hope your home study doesn't take 10 weeks! ;)

Margaret said...

Yay! One more thing done!! :)