Today has been a great day! After a really tough week, I was struggling to think straight much less organize and run the fundraising sale. Thanks to some super amazing friends, we got the sale kicked off today! We had an awesome (IMO) first day - we sold things I never expected to sell. What a blessing!

To top it all off, we have a copy of our written homestudy in our hands for review which means our agency is also getting it for review! Hooray! One step closer. I think the review will take about 2 weeks and then we will hopefully be able to send in our 1-800a application. Very exciting and the timing couldn't have been more perfect - I think we have the funds for this next step as of today! Thank you, Lord.

I'm hoping to sleep well tonight. I think I managed less than 3 hours last night - too much on my mind. :) Come out and see us at the sale - we still have a TON of stuff and we love visiting with our friends! And thank you for the prayers and support - we can definitely feel them. We also really appreciate the love and support through the loss of my grandfather - it has been the hardest part of this month.


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