As I've mentioned, this adoption has been a super big step of faith - particularly on the financial side. So, I planned something I said I would never do again...a garage sale. We gathered donations with lots of help from some very dear friends and with some fear and trepidation launched our sale this week. I felt like it would be worth it and would be successful if we made $1,500 but I also knew that might be a lofty goal given my previous non-success ($12). Day 1 ended and to our complete surprise, we made $1,000. Day 2 & 3 followed and our total at the end was around $2,220. We are simply in awe and praising God. We couldn't have done it without help and we are so thankful for the love poured out on our family.

While it might be crazy, I decided that I will have a garage sale at our house later in June (just 1 or 2 days). We sent A LOT to Goodwill but kept a lot of the nicer things and summery kids clothes. Since most of the work is done, I think it will be pretty "easy." It will be much lower key but we are happy to take non-clothes items if you are looking to get rid of things (we are not planning to add any clothing items to this sale).

Thanks so much for the prayers, encouragement, and help! Our next large amount is due around the end of July.

I'm getting so excited to see the little face that will be joining our family! Oh and we haven't really mentioned this but in the end, we decided to specify a girl. So, we are thinking pink around here. There is still a chance we might find a little boy on the waiting child list that would be the perfect fit for our family but we are 80%+ sure that we will be welcoming our first DAUGHTER! We are all thrilled.


Ann said...

WOW! That is an amazing total! So excited for you! Whoo-hoo God!

And super excited to see that you specified a girl! :)

Gretchen said...

That is wonderful! I am so happy for you.