Today, I have spent time actually working on our dossier. This meant trips to get birth and marriage certificates (only to find the birth one wasn't the right one - nice), a visit to a very nice notary who works in Andrew's office, dropping off papers to be certified at the Secretary of State, going to the UPS store for copies and a fax, and getting a passport photo at CVS (UPS store was "out of film" - huh?). All of that and follow up on our homestudy review which confused me (not hard) and a figuring of what our next fee will be. I'm TIRED. It was a good day though - we still have some documents to gather - mainly waiting on birth certificates to come in the mail and employment letters.

Our next fee is $5,150 - due probably around the end of July (hopefully!) beginning of August. We definitely have some work to do. Thankfully, we do have a portion of it. We also received two unexpected gifts in the mail this week - God has used those to remind me that He has called us. Such a blessing.

We will be able to apply from some grants soon and we are praying that we will be approved for at least one or two.

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The Martins said...

Progress is GOOD! I love to hear of your journey to your daughter.