Calling All Donations!

We are having a GREAT BIG GARAGE SALE fundraiser on Memorial Day weekend! We have a couple of major fees coming up and we are hoping that the proceeds will significantly help with the $6,300 we will need in the next couple of months. Big gulp - that's a big number!

We would LOVE to come pick up your clothes, furniture, toys, baby items, books and more - small or large - any donation of items will help! I'm serious! All you have to do is put the stuff in a bag and we will pick it up - easy for you, big blessing for us!

It's a great excuse to do some Spring Cleaning, a great way to get rid of the stuff and an easy way to help us bring home #4!

Please spread the word! We would really like to have a big sale and it's going to take donations to make that happen! You can e-mail, call, leave a comment, or fb me (or Andrew) for pick up!

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