Paper Chase

I can definitely tell that I have three kids this time around... :) The paperwork feels more overwhelming than I remember. Finding time to chase around for doctor's appointments, background checks, and fingerprinting is challenging! Perhaps I've just blocked all of that out or perhaps it really is more challenging with having three in tow or finding someone for them to stay with (thanks, Angie!).

I know it's all just part of the process and the labor - I'm just more tired and probably more busy this time around. First adoption in my 30s...gotta love it! :)

This week I had that "empty arms" feeling for the first time this time around. My heart ached knowing that our child is most likely born and waiting. So, I'm feeling my heart expanding and exploding with love for another...one I have not yet met, one who is known by God, one who is chosen for our family. And that, my friends, is an amazing feeling.


wiggins said...

I'll be happy to watch the boys any time while you paperchase. Finding childcare was definitely a challenge when we were paperchasing for Anna!! I hope it goes fast.

Alaina said...

You are so sweet, Angie! I hope you know that we will watch your girls anytime!!! My boys ADORE them. :)

Ann said...

That empty arms feeling along with an urgency I couldn't articulate is what led us to Layla. :) I KNEW she was out there, I felt her.

The paper chase is much more overwhelming this time & also more stressful. I'm not sure why, probably the 30's thing. ;)

You will be DTC the same time or soon after us! Whoo-hoo! I keep saying that it would be super fun to be there at the same time, THIS fall to be precise. :)

Jenny R. Sherrill said...

I guess it's just as hard to be "expecting" no matter how the baby arrives. And more challenging when you have other children around. I can't wait. Oh, and if you wander in the direction of me, your boys can come here for a spell!! :)