The Stepping Out in Faith

We are approaching this adoption completely differently than our previous three. It feels different. We have no doubt that this is what God wants for our family - what He has called us to. Honestly, we don't know where all of the finances will come from - we simply don't have $25,000 sitting in a bank account. That is the very scary, step-out in faith part for me and for our family - especially since I am a total planner by nature and like to know how everything is going to work before starting down a path... :)

I am working more hours at work (thanks to my very gracious boss and co-workers), selling Pampered Chef (pamperedchef.biz/alaina), and hoping to do some baking (sadly, I can't ship in the months of April - September due to the heat but locals feel free to ask!). We have signed up with Just Love Coffee (http://justlovecoffee.com/roomforanother) - they really have awesome coffee and are a great company - we get a portion of the proceeds purchased from our link. We are planning a big fundraising yard sale Memorial Day weekend (donations welcome - we will be happy to pick up your items!) and considering other events like a dinner and silent auction or a service project etc. We plan to also apply for grants. We are excited at the prospect of having people partner with us to make one less orphan in the world (and we are keeping a list of contributors to share with our new child) but it's also really, really hard for us to fund raise...humbling.

We are thankful to have had some savings and a tax refund to get us started and we are stepping out in faith and trusting for the rest. If you feel led to help bring our son or daughter home, we have a couple of different ways you can donate (besides the actual fundraisers). Our church very graciously offered to do a designated fund for our family for the adoption expenses - this is a tax-deductible way to give and it is also a way to remain anonymous if you prefer. We have also put a chip-in link on the side if you prefer to go that route. We have included a link with the break down of adoption expenses in the tabs above.

We appreciate your prayers so much! It's been nearly 4 years since we added a new family member and we are, of course, a little nervous in addition to the excitement.

God has called us - we were not looking to grow our family. We are answering His call and watching Him work! Blessings abound as our faith is deepened.

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Margaret said...

Everyone can now expect coffee as their birthday and Christmas gift this year. ;)