From Patrick

Patrick is our middle son. He will be 7 this summer and also came home to us from Kazakhstan. He is a handsome, sweet, and responsible son. He is quieter about his desires but has been really wanting another brother or sister for awhile. He is a really great reader and I can't wait to hear him read stories with his new sibling! This is his first letter and he gave me permission to share it with you.

To my new brother or sister,

I have a dog names Pippi and I know how to ride my two wheeler. I like to go to the park and I like to go camping. Also I like to read and have fun and go to the Children's Museum. I have a little brother named Titus and he's really funny. I love Daddy and Mommy. I want to go to Legoland someday.

I want to meet you.



Margaret said...

Sweet boy. He'll be such a good big brother. I like how both boys reference how funny and silly Titus is. :)

JennaN said...

I can't believe that your two oldest are almost 7! How is that possible? They are so big... and so kind and sweet, and a terrific reflection of their mother! I am so excited to follow this journey of yours (just as I have followed your journeys to your boys)!