We have settled into some semblance of normalcy. We are still staying home...a lot...and it's good. Emmarie is a delightful but busy little girl. She can tear apart a room in a matter of seconds - we are working on that. :) She continues to bring a tremendous amount of joy, laughter, and femininity to our home. Just this morning she insisted on wearing her fancy pink shoes and she is completely obsessed with her Best Friends shirt - she brings it to me to wear any chance she has. I love that she cares...for the moment...I'm sure it can be frustrating. I think I love observing her blossom into having an opinion, making a choice, and knowing that her voice will be heard.

She continues to work on her words and communication and impresses us with her determination. Her hair is growing and she is wearing headbands and bows more. Her brothers still adore her. She is still a daddy's girl but has relaxed on that quite a bit - as in, she doesn't cry when he leaves. :)

Andrew and I went on our first date - a breakfast date - and she did great! She finds comfort in being with her brothers. She experienced her first Easter and with that, a family gathering - my family is large and just with my immediate family, there are 21 people...needless to say, we don't have a chance to get together very often. So, other than meeting almost everyone when she came home, we have not all gotten together - she did pretty well and definitely enjoy the egg hunt.

Her MRI is next week and we appreciate prayers for her and for us - I am ALWAYS a nervous wreck when any of my kiddos have to go under anesthesia. We are thankful for her amazing doctors - they have been incredibly kind, very helpful, and we feel they have exercised much wisdom. It's often a bit of a mystery to unravel the health history and current health of internationally adopted children. We are anxious to have this behind us, hopeful that it will be clear but trusting for guidance with whatever the results are, and thankful for the chance we have to take care of our sweet daughter. What a blessing she is to us!

We finally took a family picture on Easter - our first since the airport! I promise Emmi is usually more smiley - she was pretty over the picture idea. :)

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