8 Weeks

Eight (!) weeks ago this past Monday, Emmarie Doris Xiaochan was placed in our arms. She cried as I held her close and assured her everything would be okay. It's hard to believe how quickly you can love someone - I am always amazed by that as I have met each of our children. In eight short weeks, I have fallen completely in love with this fourth little blessing and can't believe she hasn't always been here. She fits so perfectly.

Meeting each other for the first time

A Few Milestones:
40+ words and phrases
Several signs
Singing w/hand motions
Laughing - oh this girl can laugh
Making funny faces
Climbing up and down the stairs
Counting to 3
Animal Sounds
Identifies Eyes, Mouth, Nose

Every day is a new adventure with her! She has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps us laughing! Her brothers continue to completely adore her - the newness has not worn off. T has a hard time not picking her up - he pretty sure he should carry her everywhere (he is not that much bigger than her :)).

Emmi's height is in the 50th percentile and her weight is in the 5th-10th percentile. She has gained a little over a pound since coming home. She is a great eater and rarely turns her nose up at anything.

I'll add some updated photos soon! We have yet to have a family photo shoot which means we haven't even sent announcements which was my plan since we didn't send out Christmas card - ah life. Poor #4. :) One of these days...

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