A Reason for Thanks

Emmi had her MRI on Monday and she did really great! We were so thankful to get the report this afternoon for Emmarie. They did not find anything they were looking for - no lesions, no vascular bundles, and her eye and orbits look fine. We are praising God for this great news! We were prepared for just about anything because no matter what - she is ours!. 

We talked to her pediatrician this afternoon and she has been incredibly impressed with Emmi's development and progress. She has been our pediatrician since we brought tiny, sick, malnourished Calvin home so, needless to say, we have been through a lot with her and she has been a wonderful health care provider for our family. How thankful I was that she told me to call if we had not heard by today so she could make sure and get the results for us. It has been a long few weeks waiting for the MRI and then this week waiting for the report. We are rejoicing tonight.              

Our beautiful, sweet girl is loving life, learning new words weekly, and richly blessing our lives. How grateful we are for God's clear call on our family to add #4 and for the gorgeous girl we have the privilege of parenting.

Here are a couple of pictures of her with her Easter Basket (she was so cute about it!):



Amy K said...

What great news!! Glad to hear this.

chris said...

What a joy to share your journey. So thankful for your good news! :)