I love being able to update with good news! We were logged-in (LID) yesterday - we got the e-mail early this morning. It's another step on our checklist and we are so happy. Stay tuned for the next step - it's one of the most exciting!

In other news, we are excited about working concessions at Purdue for fundraising and incredibly thankful for those who have volunteered to help us!!! What a blessing - it means so much to us that you are willing to give up a portion of your Saturday to help bring our daughter home.

We still have our Coffee fundraiser going as well as Pampered Chef (new products and catalogs starting September 1!). We have also been thankful for Village to Village - it's an easy way to give and a really great organization! 

Hopefully we will have more good news soon!

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Margaret said...

Hurray!! Soon, so soon, one more beautiful child will have a family. :)