Well...after a bit of frustration with a paperwork error (not on our part), we are happy that our documents are currently at the consulate minus one which will arrive tomorrow to our courier and be to the consulate on Thursday. Our hope and prayer is that everything will be approved and we will have them back early next week and off to our agency for the final stop before China. We cannot wait to have this portion of our adoption completed!

We are also incredibly thankful that we have the funds for this next step - it seemed a daunting amount and we praise the Lord. We are so thankful - we were blessed with gifts, grateful for extra work, and happy with the garage sale and bracelet fundraisers! We have seen God work in some mighty ways! This walk in faith is good for us but oh so hard. My need-to-know-need-to-plan personality is struggling but working on peaceful trust. $9,940 down about $17,000 to go!

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Margaret said...

Woo-hoo God is providing! He loves the fatherless!!