Here's Hoping!

We are hoping and praying that everything will pass the consulate! Our courier picks all of the documents up tomorrow and will overnight them to us! We will add the rest of the documents and then we overnight them to our agency. We should have our Dossier to China (DTC) soon! I absolutely can't wait to have this step completed. Once we are logged in (LID), we will be eligible for a referral - so excited to see the little one that will be joining our family!

On another note - we have been blessed with a chance to earn money towards our adoption this fall! Here are the details that I just posted on FB (please don't judge - we are definitely IU grads and fans but can't pass up this opportunity! :)): 

We have a cool opportunity to earn some $ towards our adoption by working at the home Purdue football games at a concession stand! You must be 16 or older. We need 4-6 people/Saturday. We can provide rides up and back on every Saturday except the 1st (we are out of town and so neither of us will be able to be there but we still need to provide people!). 

The dates are 9/1, 9/15, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 11/3, 11/24. If you can help for a Saturday (you are welcome to spread the word, sign-up a friend etc. :)), please let me know the date(s) as soon as possible! There is no limit to the number of Saturdays you can volunteer for. :) We are committed to filling these dates and working hard to bring home our sweet girl! It will be lots of fun and we are super thankful for the opportunity!

We are also in need of some childcare so we can both go on some days. 

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