Nitty Gritty

Andrew said to me the other day, "I can't believe we have a toddler again." :) We so definitely do. She walks from one thing to the next to see what she can get in to, terrifies us on the stairs (she is learning how to ascend and especially descend them), and enjoys shredding kleenexes and papers. We must keep her in our sight and clean up in her wake. I'm sure it is delightful to her to be free from the confines of the playroom at her orphanage! She is interested in everything and curiosity is a great thing at the age of 2. It's fun to see her excited about things!

However, we are EXHAUSTED. I mean bone tired right now. I resorted to paper plates last night because that just seemed easier. Kind friends are bringing dinner and I don't think they will ever know how thankful we are. By 5 or 6, we look at each other and wonder aloud if it's bedtime yet. :) We'll make it...eventually! :) Sleeping was better but is getting worse again. Emmi is often wakeful for 1-3 hours in the middle of the night and isn't napping well (ie not long). I know the general rule of thumb is one day for every hour of time difference, so I'm thinking (wishfully perhaps?!) that we are still in the window of time for jet lag for her (day 13 will be Tuesday).

We enjoyed overall great health in China which was a huge answer to prayer. We have mostly not been very healthy since arriving home. Andrew & Emmarie have taken the brunt of it with nasty colds.

The boys are so excited that Emmi is here but are also testing boundaries. It's so much change for everyone and I know they are just trying to figure it all out but it's hard. We've had tempers flare, apologies given, bad attitudes, nasty words, and sweet hugs, kisses, and prayers. It's been the gamete. It makes us a little extra tired. They are so sweet in their desire to protect and love Emmarie.

So thankful, so blessed, and so wishing to be through this stage of the journey. Ready to feel back to myself!

And by the way, it's seriously hard to stay frustrated with the cutest girl on the planet - she charms with her smiles, generously gives kisses (to us), loves to laugh, adores cuddling, and has the funniest expressions!


kellyorr said...

Hi Alaina!
Our family attends Christ Covenant Church with Larry and Eilen. She emailed your blog address to me. I've enjoyed reading about your joyful Emmi and your trip to bring her home. We have close friends with a Chinese daughter who they adopted when she was very young. She just turned 7! As a mother of young children I understand the fatigue. I will pray for you! Transitions are great teaching times aren't they? We will pray for Emmi to be able to have the blessing of good sleep! And for you also.
Grace and peace to you!

Kelly Orr

Callie Cox said...

Hi! We are the good friends of Kelly Orr. :) Our Kate is 7 now, adopted at 11 mos. We also have a 13 bio. daughter. Sleep was a huge issue for Kate. After jet lag there were night terrors and naps were usually a disaster! I'd finally get her to go to sleep and then an ambulance would drive by or the phone would ring...then we would start all over. I finally got a clue and unplugged the phone! Will be praying for rest for you all. I know what you mean about staying mad at them. It's impossible!

One Acre Follies said...

Oops! I'm sorry. I didn't realized that my daughter was signed in. The above comment is from Sharron Cox, not Callie. I just love talking to your mother in law when they visit Christ Covenant!