New Picture!

We were so excited to get some new pictures this week! We are so in love with our sweet girl and we think she is simply gorgeous - not that we are biased or anything! :)


We are officially waiting for our Travel Approval (TA) and hope it comes soon! In the mean time, we are very busily getting ready. Packing feels like a monumental task - we are going to two different areas and the temperature difference is about 20 degrees which is proving challenging when trying to pack light. We are rounding up the many things that we will need to take with us - also a bit overwhelming. We will have Emmarie with us for almost the whole trip (except the first couple of days) and so we will be entertaining our sweet (and we are sure, busy) toddler in a hotel for two weeks. :)

Here's to a new year and a new daughter and a trip to China! So thankful and blessed!


And Her Name Shall Be...

...Emmi...well, her short name anyway. :) We were debating on spelling and decided on Emmi vs. Emi. We love it! Hope she likes it!

We are hoping our Article 5 will be picked up tomorrow - waiting for that confirmation e-mail. Then we will be waiting for TA (Travel Approval)! Getting closer!

We got a sweet update this week - no pictures but several details. She has grown quite a bit which is great and is saying some words. She is reportedly a great eater "including that of spicy, sour, or sweet." She likes to be comforted with hugs, enjoys playing outside, and loves any kind of toy. Seeing all of those things written about our daughter make us fall a little more in love and make us all the more eager to get to meet her and know her! It also makes me realize again how much her life is about to change - praying for her so much.

C informed me this morning that he is quite upset that Emmarie isn't home yet - "it's taking forever and I just want her to be here!" Warms my heart. 

That's about it. We are in holiday mode around here and have very eager boys!



It's starting to sink in that we are likely heading for China in about 6 weeks! I'm excited and nervous and very overwhelmed. Our family has been sick for a week which hasn't helped. I feel like my to-do list is a mile long and our schedule is busy.

I'm not really sure if I have the right size of clothes or the right toys and activities (especially for a 24 hour trip home). I've held off purchasing very much for her. And now I'm realizing, it's time. I need to buy the diapers and the medicines and the travel items. I need to be actively preparing - washing her clothes, painting, cleaning, and freezing meals for when we are home (jet lag, new sister/daughter in a new home, new country, new everything, and boys who haven't seen their parents in 2 weeks is NOT going to be easy).

The truth is...I'm tired. This cough/cold has wiped me out and just the general busy-ness of homeschooling, holidays, and working.

I'm nervous. I know the adjustment may be challenging. I know that leaving the boys for two weeks is going to be super hard. I know that the days of being a family of five are ending - both a joyful and sad thing. We are headed back into diapers, sleepless nights (likely). and toddler things. We are welcoming a girl - we kinda know the boy thing but the girl thing is definitely new. :)

Amidst all of that, I am SO happy, excited, and eager to meet our precious daughter. We have no doubt that God chose her to be in our family. We really do love her already. We cannot wait to meet her and introduce her to her already-adoring-brothers and to our family and friends.

Reality is here and it feels like this has been awhile coming and very quick all at the same time.

Praying for the transition and for the remainder of the process.
Embracing these days as a family of five.
Celebrating the holidays.
Anticipating the needs of our daughter and family.
Looking forward to becoming a family of six.