And Her Name Shall Be...

...Emmi...well, her short name anyway. :) We were debating on spelling and decided on Emmi vs. Emi. We love it! Hope she likes it!

We are hoping our Article 5 will be picked up tomorrow - waiting for that confirmation e-mail. Then we will be waiting for TA (Travel Approval)! Getting closer!

We got a sweet update this week - no pictures but several details. She has grown quite a bit which is great and is saying some words. She is reportedly a great eater "including that of spicy, sour, or sweet." She likes to be comforted with hugs, enjoys playing outside, and loves any kind of toy. Seeing all of those things written about our daughter make us fall a little more in love and make us all the more eager to get to meet her and know her! It also makes me realize again how much her life is about to change - praying for her so much.

C informed me this morning that he is quite upset that Emmarie isn't home yet - "it's taking forever and I just want her to be here!" Warms my heart. 

That's about it. We are in holiday mode around here and have very eager boys!

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