The Reality of the Journey

Today is a hard day. We have been working incredibly hard to raise money for this adoption - through Pampered Chef, garage sales, and working concessions. We are trying desperately to get grant applications filled out and barely have the time. We are burning the candle at every end because we know we need to work hard. Our desire is to be able to complete this adoption debt-free and we have a ways to go (around 13-15K). I think I have just reached the breaking point - I'm tired, so very tired. Fundraising and earning extra money has been even more challenging than I imagined. We are seeing God provide in various ways and we are so thankful but if I'm being honest, I want to be done. Just done. Fully funded, waiting to travel, done.

I feel like we are being left behind. While other families on our same timeline found out their paperwork move forward this past week (or prior to that), we have heard nothing. We have asked but no news so far. It's beyond discouraging. Knowing our daughter is waiting is excruciating. Seeing her pictures is a thrill and is also painfully hard - we can't get to her fast enough.

The tears are close today. I need prayers. We are expecting a child, we are growing our family - it's a big change and a very emotional journey.

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