Care Package 1

What fun to send some things to our sweet girl! Hoping in some way she will know we are coming! Time seems to be dragging - we are on Day 21 of our long (usually) wait. I'm resisting the urge to e-mail and find out if our documents are moving - I can only resist so long. :) 

So many years ago, when God laid adoption so clearly on my heart, I had no idea what He had in store. I feel incredibly blessed. My view of the world has grown, my heart has expanded, and my faith has been strengthened as I understand so much better God's adoption of me. Expecting #4 through adoption is something that I honestly did not anticipate...in high school...or ever...but how thankful I am.

Knowing that I cannot be there taking care of our daughter is hard - she is growing and changing without us - but knowing that God has called us every step of the way, gives me peace. Soon Emmarie - we are coming soon!

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