Wow. 2 Months since I last updated. Time flies! I'm finding it so hard to believe that Emmi has been in our family for 8 months! We also met the big boys 7 years ago in September - they have grown from tiny toddlers to 3rd graders and Titus came into our lives when he was born 5 years ago in August. We are blessed.

Recently, the boys have been asked if they are brothers and if I am their mom with some confusion. We have all affirmed our relationship and the subject has been dropped but I asked one of the boys why we were asked - he matter-of-factly answered, "Because we don't look alike." It did not seem to concern him at all, it's just a fact, just the way our family is. I acknowledged his answer and let it go - he seems to be handling it right now.

We have hard days and hard weeks but overall we are seeing maturing and growth in all of our children. Emmi has been going through another transition stage coupled with a new toddler stage - fun times. She is testing us at every turn, screaming, shouting 'no,' and exhibiting all kinds of lovely behavior. The rest of the time, she is sweet as can be but very independent. She definitely keeps us on our toes and definitely has the whole family wrapped. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and she sees a new ophthalmologist this week.

We enjoyed the local Chinese Festival with great friends of ours last weekend. It was fun to celebrate our girls.  We've had a few changes around here but I think things will settle into a really great place. Life keeps moving on - I feel like if I blink, I'll miss it.

Calvin - always the actor

Yeah, getting all 4 to look the same direction = nearly impossible.

Looking all grown up - she LOVES her "boots."

Chinese Festival fun - who knew pirates would be there?! Patrick was so proud of that face!

Titus Batman - adore that smile.

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Tracy Sanford said...

Beautiful family! It seems unreal that it is that long already! Love her pink boots, she looks so grown up now!